Innovation Led by Science

New Horizons Food Solutions is a turnkey manufacturer with the aim of elevating our customers’ proprietary products and brands by coupling cutting edge science with creativity.


Maximizing ingredient functionality while achieving cost savings.


Our Research & Development team designs unique products that elevate our customer’s brands and inspire customer loyalty. Our team of chefs and food scientists come from a variety of backgrounds and specialize in the culinary, nutritional and meat industries. We can help navigate through information and formulation to create category leading products that will stand the test of time and offer the customer the safest highest quality experience possible.

Vegetable pasta with tomato sauce
Lettuce wrap
Mango smoothie with straw

Innovative and proactive solutions


The New Horizons Food Solutions R&D team is always looking to the future by staying current with global flavors, nutritional advancements, trends and technologies. By doing so, we are we are able to remain proactive in the solutions we offer to our customers and better serve a diverse population of consumers in the food, beverage and nutritional industries.

Our team interfaces directly with the customer to provide technical expertise in product development and packaging design from concept to commercialization. 

Clean labeling


Our team can help navigate through the difficult landscape and demands of clean label.  Our scientists formulate solutions for categories such as all-natural, Organic, non-GMO, reduced sodium and sugar applications, and work with various certifying bodies to ensure that the necessary requirements are met.

In conjunction with our family of brands, we have developed solutions to reduce net carb counts in baked goods and develop additional artisan products.

Everything Bagel Seasoning
Loaf Cake

Rely on New Horizons Food Solutions


Assured Supply

The capacity you require is met, on time, each time

Dependable Quality

Exact formulations are ensured to meet food certifications & safety

Customer-Centric Flexibility

Our team meets the challenge of your specifications

Consistent Performance

Achieving exact formulas with every solution

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Based on qualified expertise and scientific data

Sustainability Initiatives

Expect thoughtful and conscientious practices and solutions

A Solutions Provider.

The New Horizons family of companies work together to create disruptive products, formulations and technology to meet the ever changing demands of the market and our customers. Whether developing new flavors, matching existing formulas, or reverse-engineering an exact blend, count on New Horizons Food Solutions to deliver with quality and precision, on time, every time.

The Fundamentals of Family

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New Horizons is a leader in serving the food industry with cutting-edge R&D, quality products, and dependable logistics.

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Baker for quick-service restaurants

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Baker for many of North America’s most iconic brands.

Trina Bediako New Horizons Baking

The responsibilities that come with producing products for the food, beverage and baking industry include high and uncompromising standards. You can rely on New Horizons Food Solutions to always meet those standards.

– Trina Bediako, CEO