A Strong Foundation

Our Vision

To be an industry leader in food, beverage, and nutritional solutions. To be respected by colleagues and competitors. To provide a safe workplace where employees feel valued and meet the clearly-defined performance objectives.To achieve profit goals that reflect a strong financial position.

Our Mission

For our Employees – to be THE employer of choice
For our Customers – to be THE manufacturer of choice
For our Stakeholders – to be THE partner of choice

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At New Horizons Baking Company, we are deeply committed to fostering a workplace environment rooted in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Our dedication to DEI is reflected across three foundational pillars: Workforce, Marketplace, and Community, all aligned with our overarching mission and vision.



“At New Horizons Baking Company, we are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. We create a culture that celebrates and embraces the unique perspectives, experience, and backgrounds of all our employees, customers, and communities.”


We believe in the power of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Partnering with organizations like PathStone, Jewish Family Services, Social Services for the Arab Community (SSFAC), and JRS, we provide tailored professional development opportunities to individuals from various backgrounds. Our workforce statistics demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion, with a significant representation of women, minority communities, and individuals from underrepresented groups. We prioritize flexibility and family time, offering alternative work schedules, and actively recruit from diverse backgrounds, including seniors, military personnel, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and interns.

Minority Owned
Total Female Workforce
Female Leadership
of Workforce is Underrepresented Communities


Promoting diversity and inclusion in our marketplace is paramount to our values. We are dedicated to supporting Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs), with a clear focus on increasing our MBE spend percentage. By actively engaging with diverse suppliers and partners, we aim to create opportunities for underrepresented businesses and foster an inclusive marketplace.


MBE Spend YTD: $1.1 Million
MBE Spend Increase: Baseline


MBE Spend YTD: $2.3 Million
MBE Spend Increase: +51%


MBE Spend YTD: $4.7 Million
MBE Spend Increase: +50%


MBE Spend YTD: $4.7
MBE Spend Increase: +1%


Our commitment to DEI extends beyond our workplace to the communities we serve. Through volunteer initiatives and partnerships, we actively contribute to creating a more inclusive society. In 2023, our efforts included volunteering hundreds of hours and supporting various community organizations, such as RMHC Northeast Ohio, RMHC Central Ohio, and local charities. Looking ahead, we are dedicated to expanding our community outreach efforts and creating meaningful impact through collaborative initiatives.


270 Total
Volunteer Hours

2024 Goal

350 Total
Volunteer Hours

At New Horizons Baking Company, DEI is not just a statement; it’s ingrained in everything we do. We recognize the importance of embracing diversity, ensuring equity, and fostering inclusivity, both within our organization and in the broader communities we serve.

Ronald McDonald House Volunteers

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