Specialty Packaging

Sustainable, customized packaging solutions engineered for any end destination, from 1g to 2000 lbs.


Turnkey packaging solutions to support industrial, foodservice, and retail needs

New Horizons Food Solutions has the ability to handle and convert supersacks for incoming materials. We have manageable minimum requirements and offer many packaging options including sachets, pillow pouches, gusseted pouches, Kraft bags, fiber drums, bag-in-a-box, supersacks and totes. We will partner with our clients on Lean Six Sigma projects to determine optimal batch sizes and packaging formats to increase their plant efficiencies and reduce waste. We also offer kitting services upon request.

Specialty Packaging Offerings:

• Mini sachets (.15g – .75g)*
• Sachets (2g – 13g)
• Foil and Plastic Pillow Pouches(1oz – 2lb)
• Stick Packs (3-20g)
• Gusseted Pouches (2lb – 10lb), Printed and non-printed formats available
• Bag-in-a-Box (10lb – 50lb)
• Kraft Bags (10lb – 50lb)
• Super Sacks (1,000lb – 2,000lb)
• Totes (1,000lb – 2,000lb)

Ready-To-Use (RTU) Products:

• Pouches (1lb – 10lb)
• Sealed Bags (1lb – 10lb)

Powder Mix in Gusseted Pouch | Coalescence
stick pack
Packaging | Coalescence

Your flavors, packaged any way you need them.

The New Horizons Food Solutions team is driven to provide customers with packaging solutions that meet the demands of supply chain logistics. Our solutions are flexible to you, offering a variety of styles and sizes.

Learn more about New Horizons Food Solutions’ ability to provide custom packaging solutions.

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The New Horizons family of companies work together to create disruptive products, formulations and technology to meet the ever changing demands of the market and our customers. Whether developing new flavors, matching existing formulas, or reverse-engineering an exact blend, count on New Horizons Food Solutions to deliver with quality and precision, on time, every time.

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